AMG Orthopedics

AMG Orthopedics
Located inside Escape Fitness NOW & Parisi Speed School


Physical Therapy

Maximize, maintain and restore movement and function with treatment plans specific to your needs.

Sport Medicine

Sports Medicine

Prevent injury and maximize recovery with exclusive care and innovative treatment options

Athlete Recovery

Athlete Recovery

Treatment options to replenish

needed nutrients and aid muscle recovery.

Pain Management

Individualized treatment plans to reduce the effects of pain and restore your active lifestyle.


Spine & Joint Orthopedics

Eliminate pain and restore normal joint function with individualized care coordination.

Foot And Ankle

The most advanced technology to eliminate foot and ankle pain, and get you back on your feet



Hands – on care to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Occupational Theraphy

Occupational Therapy

Regain functional independence by improving strength and mobility with individualized treatment plans.

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